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How to Disaster

Mar 8, 2021

 “Don't isolate first responders by making them into heroes. The greatest thing that anyone can do is just say, ‘thank you for your service.’” -Susan Farren


“We owe it to our first responders to do whatever we can to help make their jobs easier.” -Bailey Farren

Episode Description: 


First responders are no doubt, modern-day heroes. But could naming them as such do them more harm than good? This week, our focus is on helping the helpers. Jennifer interviews two outstanding pioneers in this field, Susan Farren, Founder of First Responders Resiliency and Bailey Farren, CEO and co-founder of Perimeter. Our mother and daughter tandem talk about their unique work in helping first responders and their families mitigate post-traumatic symptoms caused by a disaster. Sue shares her research about the unwanted and subtle effects these events have on first responders while Bailey speaks about tools to help both first responders and citizens gain quick access to needed information. We also learn Sue's secret in getting fundings and the 2 worst questions anyone could ask a first responder. It's overwhelming when we get the help we so needed at the right time from a complete stranger. Tune in and learn how you can show gratitude and return the favor you received from today's podcast!

Connect with After The Fire: 


01:51 Different but Effective Ways to Help the Helpers

05:00 Why Helpers Need Help

14:11 Unwanted Responses

17:52 Access Disaster Information Made Easy

26:47 Mom and Daughter Tandem

32:01 What About Fundings (During COVID)?

39:03 The Worst Questions to Ask First Responders 

44:07 The Citizen’s Role

47:22 A Project for First Responders