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How to Disaster

Nov 21, 2022

 “It's through those human relationships that make this whole thing tolerable to do because it's about the people involved." -Pamela Van Halsema


Episode Description: 

Wildfires are a natural part of the globe's ecosystem. But in recent years, they've become more common and destructive due to climate change. Wildfires have been occurring with greater frequency and intensity.

When preparing for a wildfire, it's important to think about the community as a whole. This kind of planning is important because it ensures that everyone in the community has access to the resources they need when disaster strikes and after.

In this episode, Pamela Van Halsema returns as an official part of the After the Fire family. She serves as the Director of Community and Digital Programs and oversees the organization’s Community to Community Series. 


Listen in as Jennifer and Pamela discuss how we can rebuild with climate resiliency in mind, how to help survivors emotionally and prepare them for the next steps, what adaptable systems can we use, and why getting to know our neighbors is a big factor in resilience. 

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04:56 Pam About Helping One Another

09:09 Helping People Build Back 

13:49 The Scope of Work to be Done 

19:16 Different Responses to Disasters

29:38 Know the People You Are Trying to Help

36:41 Helpful Resources for Rebuilding

43:47 2022 Wildfire Leadership Summit

49:15 It’s About the People Involved